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Advanced equipment

Our factory is well-equipped with the latest advanced machinery from the U.S., Belgium,Italy,Switzerland,Japan and Germany, such as open-end spinning frame, shuttle less looms, dyeing and finishing facilities and garment making equipment. It also has the world first rate test devices of Uster tester for HVI fibers, AFIS sliver tester, ozone test chamber and etc. The factory owns imported leading dyeing and trimming lines and advanced testing equipment that has passed certification by levi’s,AEO,GPP and others. The factory adopts a strategy that combines the internent and jeans striving to realize intelligent jeans production by increasing its use of Internet technologu in the production of jeans.





    The company makes heavy investment, and introduces several spinning and texturing equipment manufactured by internationally and domestically well-known manufacturers, and so far, the company has possessed 196 most advanced Japanese TMT spinning equipment of the world, about 80 units of new texturing and can wrapping machines, and other advanced testing equipment such as strength tester and crimp tester imported from Germany, with annual capacity of 50,000 tons of various series of differential and functional polyamide fibers, and the company is the first industrial enterprise with output value exceeding one billion of Pujiang County.


R & D innovation

Yaxing Fiber implements the strategy of giving priority to scientific research and development, and preferentially guarantees the expenses for research and development of new technologies and new products, so as to effectively guarantee normal operation of scientific and technological innovation system.



After implementing the strategy of giving priority to scientific research and development, Yaxing obtains multiple national patents (several are being applied):



Patents for Invention Utility model

Patent name Patent typeAuthorization number
A production method of high-functional cooling filament of polyamide
Patent for invention
A production method of functional air-cleaning negative-ion air covering yarn of polyamide
Patent for invention
A production method of multi-functional grey bamboo charcoal filament of polyamide
Patent for invention
A production method of ultrafine fiber semi-dull air covering yarn of polyamide
Patent for invention
A production method of C-shaped-section high-covering air covering yarn of polyamide
Patent for invention
A production method of ultrafine single-fiber polyamide 6DTY
Patent for invention
A production method of full-dull fine-denier light-network polyamide 6DTY
Patent for invention
A production method of fine-denier porous light-network polyamide 6-high-stretch yarn
Patent for invention
A production method of low-fiber low-hole-number air covering yarn
Patent for invention
A kind of drawn textured yarn
Patent for invention
A production method of antimicrobial moisture-absorbing sweat-releasing fiber product
Patent for invention
A polyamide C-shaped spinneret plate
Utility model
A kind if polyamide network doubled yarn
Utility model
A kind of air covering yarn
Utility model
Yarn pushing device
Utility model
An anti-collision device used in upper cap bar of texturing machine
Utility model
A polyamide texturing machine producing network drawn textured yarn
Utility model
A texturing machine
Utility model
A chemical fiber winding end stirring-up device
Utility model
Yarn stripping device
Utility model
Automatic identification system of spinning machine yarn break
Software copyrigh
Automatic identification software of chemical fiber product warehouse-in-and-out
Software copyrigh
Automatic control system of air compressor
Software copyrigh
Control system of spinning cooling equipment
Software copyrigh
Yaxing automatic packing control system
Software copyrigh



       Currently, Yaxing successfully introduces the academician R&D team under the leadership of academician Yao Mu of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and organizes match-making negotiation between academician Yao Mu team and Yaxing Company, and both parties cooperate to establish “Zhejiang Yaxing Fiber Co., Ltd. – Xi’an Polytechnic University Fiber Research Institute”, so as to form a multi-level, open technical research and development system, and unprecedentedly increase its ability to transform scientific and technological achievements into productivity.


Technological process